Searching for Images

On the WordPress web site

I got fed up the other day, I was wanting to find a graphic to answer a particular prompt. I’d have first loaded the graphic a year ago, so it went way, way back in the library.

As I scrolled through the weeks and months, I thought, there must be a better way, and I saw the 🔎 symbol above my library..

Search on what?, I wondered. So, I contacted WordPress. It turns out that when you add in an image, there are a half-dozen text fields like title and description, over and above the image itself.

You get to see these additional fields by going into your Media Library, selecting an image, then choosing “Edit”

which leads you to the extra fields:

WordPress told me that if you try searching for an image, the site searches just the title field. You can type your own text into this field, type spaces, and it supports several tens of characters – I never got near the exact limit.

By now, there are hundreds of images in my library (about 700) so I spent four or five sessions going through each image, giving it a very basic name. Like above – “prompt fowc” – just keywords so WordPress will recognise the image next time. There is a button there. “Done”, which saved my new title. And I can then use that Search button to find the image again next time. For example, these ones are all called “prompt”. The result was that I could now type in a word, and see this:

In other words, you just get a subset of your images back. So, searching for that old image is far quicker.


Incidentally, if you prefer the Classic interface, this process is pretty much the same. Look at your media library, and you’ll see a search box to allow you to filter your images:

and you can see/change these exact same fields for each image, just by clicking on your desired image:

(in fact, if you want to set the titles of several images, this way is quicker.) Your new title gets saved automatically when you go to the next image, or close this window.

What about you?

This applies to the WordPress web site, but do you use a WordPress App instead? Have a play! See what you can do. I bet you this will be in there somewhere.


Here’s a poser for you. I notice a lot of people follow a prompt called Blogging Insights, where you answer questions on your blogging habits. So I’m sure there should be some views on this!

I was wondering, what do you do when you come across a blog post you profoundly disagree with?

By that I mean a blog post where somebody expresses an opinion, where you sit and think what a load of BS? Do you say anything? Do you leave a comment, or walk on by? Would you even “like” the post?

I don’t just mean a tiny disagreement on a fine detail. I mean something that goes against your ethos. Thinking of a topical example, maybe one of you is up in arms about police killings in the US, while the other thinks it is a storm in a teacup and is maybe up in arms about the protesters instead?

I can maybe see two extremes here. Maybe you’d behave differently in each? I don’t know, would you?

The first is where you “know” the person, where you’ve had pleasant exchanges with them in the past.

At the other end of the spectrum, maybe somebody you don’t know from Adam. (I don’t necessarily mean looking at random posts in the Reader until we find a post we disagree with!) Trying to think of an example…when I respond to prompts, I try to read other people’s responses. So, maybe the two of you just responded to a common prompt?

And, just to stir it up further, would you behave differently on WordPress to other social media platforms?

Anybody have any views? Just interested.

Reblog: Oh, mercy……

I must admit, I almost pulled my SLS post yesterday, in favour of this one. It was nothing to do with the prompt, but I thought it was appropriate.

I kept it as it was in the end, but this is a blinding song/video, so I’ll share it now. I kinda figure that everybody that I interact with, everybody who reads my posts, everybody whose posts I read, we’re all decent people with decent values, so there is no point talking politics. Anything I could say, you’ve already thought it.

The thing that gets me about the situation over in the US is not this cop – he, and others like him, can hang for all I care, and good riddance. But are we being asked to believe that this guy had never before shown himself to be capable of killing? So it gets me about all the people who’ve turned a blind eye, who’ve let things slide, because this guy was presumably “one of us”.

You’ll know the song. I knew the song, from years ago, but I had never seen the images. Since I thought about re-presenting it for SLS, I did a bit of digging. First off, this song was written directly about the police’s brutality toward somebody – that’s why the lyrics fit so well. It was released in 1971 – fifty years ago! Marvin Gaye and his band were touring Berkerley, Ca, and one of the band members saw the incident. I guess he thought, being a musician, that his best avenue of expression was music, and the result is a collaboration between three band members. Thank heaven that Marvin was one of them.

Even if we don’t actually *do* anything, we’re doing something just by raising awareness of it. Enjoy Suze’s tune.

The Power of the Community

I wasn’t going to post again today but I just saw this in my reader. It is on the feed WordPress News, a feed belonging to, the platform we all write on, is driven by For some reason they have not allowed reblogs. They don’t allow comments, either, which is slightly more understandable.

It is on the subject of #BlackLivesMatter, but it provides links to pages in both Europe and India. The article is definitely worth a read, I think, and it might also be signposting some useful sites.

Changed My Name

I’ve fully retired Stroke Survivor UK. I am now Mister Bump UK.

I kept the UK bit because I still want that to be something people see immediately.

You probably won’t notice any change on my posts, but you will on my comments on your posts. I think. Who knows?