Before you start

Updated: October 2020.

I am a stroke survivor – if you know this up front, this explanation will make more sense.

I started this blog on the Blogger platform, mainly to chart my progress, using the handle StrokeSurvivor. I blogged for more than two years until I discovered the WordPress community, in September 2019, I moved the blog to that platform, still with the same handle.

I now blog about all sorts of things, not necessarily related to my stroke. So much so, that I changed the name to Mister Bump in May 2020, to make the stroke reference not quite as strong. I still blog about all sorts.

I currently volunteer for Age UK, and formerly volunteered for the UK’s Stroke Association, but please note that the views expressed in this blog are strictly my own. I am not a spokesperson for any organisation. I don’t speak for anybody else.

I am based in the UK and the blog therefore has a UK bias – I’ve tried to use the Glossary to explain any terms which might be ambiguous, but if you think there is anything I’ve missed, please message me.

You might find typos here, although I do my best to correct them as I find them. These are due to the stroke, which left me one-handed.