Thirty-Second Bio

I just wanted to write a very brief paragraph about me. I really want it to be readable in a half-minute or so, I suppose to let you decide whether you want to read further.


I’m now (2019) in my fifties, but had a stroke in 2016, from which I am recovering. Prior to that, I spent my career working in IT. I worked at quite a high-level in both London and New York. I took a career break and was a qualified bicycle mechanic, when the stroke struck. Career was always important to me, but I also have a wife (with whom I usually get on very well) and a grown-up, left-home daughter (with whom I don’t!) I keep them out of the blog, as far as possible, just to respect their privacy. I live in a rural location just outside Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK. Being rural presents its own issues.


I had a stroke in February 2016, and was in hospital for just over five weeks.


I wasn’t overly impressed by the care I received, and that is one of the themes of the blog. I have been diabetic with hypertension for many years and although no cause of the stroke was ever discovered, I assume that one or both of these was responsible. Another subject. The stroke has left me disabled with hemiplegia (not a word I even knew until I wrote this! A damage to my left-sided limbs, hand and foot partucularly – so this blog comes to you one-handed!). #3. You’ll have to read the blog and decide for yourself if my cognitive processes are impaired but certainly my mobility and ability to travel (I don’t drive any more) is reduced, #4. The disability means, in turn, that I am in receipt of UK disability benefits, #5, and don’t have a “proper job”, #6. I was in hospital for a month, and it probably took another eight months before I could leave the house and do anything useful. “Useful”, to me, is performing voluntary work with other survivors and with the elderly, something I still do, #7.

I always followed politics but mostly avoided getting involved with any one party. I’ve dabbled a bit with the Green Party but fell out with them – so that should give a rough idea where my politics lie. I’ve re-interested myself in that, #8. And, at the start of 2018 I started getting back into IT. #9. Obviously not quite the same as when I used to work in London, my clients had large IT estates and I am a one-man band now so more of a jack-of-all-trades. The original plan was to bring my skills up-to-date, but it has gone further and I have since released applications to the public. Subject matter of my apps has mainly followed my own interests these days and is mainly health-related..