Thirty-Second Bio

Last Updated: November 2020

In terms of life-changing events, my big one was a stroke, in early 2016. Five years down the line, I consider myself recovered, although I am left with disabilities.

I have a wife and a grown-up, left-home daughter who is pretty much estranged. I keep them out of the blog as far as possible, just to respect their privacy. I live in a rural location just outside Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK. Beyond that, my story splits neatly into pre- and post-stroke.


Prior to 2016, my career was IT. I worked at a high-level in both London and New York. In the few years leading up to the stroke I took a career break, my first love was bicycles and I became a mechanic.


I had a stroke in February 2016, and was in hospital for just over five weeks.


I wasn’t overly impressed by the care I received, and if I write about health, this tends to flavour my writing. Aftercare was poor, leaving me with a damaged left side. In particular, my hand and foot. I left hospital in a chair and have learned to walk again, although I no longer write, don’t drive, and this blog, which started off as a personal journal, is typed one-handed. Also, my vision has been affected, and I prefer to listen to other blog posts.

I have been diabetic, with added hypertension, for many years and although no cause of the stroke was ever discovered, I assume that one or both of these was responsible. These, too, are subjects which I have written about.

The stroke affected my stamina, my mobility, and my ability to travel. Having previously commuted large distances, it has become a problem getting back into work. One-handed, being a mechanic was not an option, so I resharpened my IT skills and currently work on projects from home. To date, I have released three applications.

My disabilities mean that I am in receipt of UK disability benefits, and I sometimes talk about these. In addition to developing from home, I also undertake some voluntary work, which I mention from time-to-time.

I always followed politics but mostly avoided getting involved with any one party. I once dabbled with the Green Party – I fell out with them eventually but they indicate where my politics lie.

I am happy to say that as I have improved, I blog less and less about health issues and more of a pot-pourri. I regularly respond to prompts, write fiction and poetry, so hopefully you will find something here to your taste.