Updated: October 2020

This is an award-free blog.


I started this blog so I could kep track of my recovery. By recording what I did then, I can look back now, and see how far I have come.

I had the stroke in Feb 2016, and started the blog a year later. I wrote on the Blogger platform, and did not move to WordPress until September 2019. The reason for moving was the community – Blogger does not do this well.

As I started to interact with other bloggers, my own blog started to receive views, and I was offered some awards, which I see as an extension of the community’s kindness. Whilst I am immensely grateful that people enjoy reading my thoughts, bear in mind that I blogged for years without an audience – so it is enough for them to take the trouble to like and comment on my posts.

I also feel that becoming involved in the award cycle detracts from my main goal of producing good content.

So, if anybody does want to nominate this blog for an award, I am extremely grateful to have you as a reader, but will decline the award.