Updated: October 2021

This is an award-free blog.


For one, I started this blog in early 2017, so I could kep track of my recovery following a stroke. By recording what I did (and wrote about) then, I can look back now, and see how far I have come.

I started writing on the Blogger platform, which is free to use. I did not move to WordPress until 2019. So, for almost three years, I blogged on a platform with zero community. It didn’t matter, because the blog was a journal.

The WordPress platform has a strong community and I began to receive interaction with my posts. I greatly appreciate your comments, I read them all and my intention, at least, is to respond to every one.

That is sufficient for me. If you feel my writing deserves an award, then comment on it and, in advance, thank you.


I also feel that becoming involved in the award cycle detracts from my main goal of producing good content.


If anybody does want to nominate this blog for an award, I am extremely grateful to have you as a reader, but will decline.

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