updated: May 2022

Name of the Blog

Originally, I chose the name “Stroke Survivor” deliberately, because in 2016, I suffered a stroke. The original purpose of the blog was to maintain a diary of my recovery.

Over time, I have come to write less and less about my health, and the blog has become more diverse. Therefore, in May 2020, I changed the name of the blog to Mister Bump. I felt this still referred to my stroke (the “bump”!), but in a more abstract sense.

My Anonymity

It’s not a big thing, but I’d prefer to be anonymous. I feel that allows me to write on the broadest range possible, with less fear of upsetting family or friends.

My Location

My nearest city is Salisbury, UK, but for again, to avoid upsetting neighbours, I guard my exact location. If you’ve ever visited Stonehenge in the UK, I’m about 20 miles from there.


I describe my exact location (omitting the names) in a little more detail here.

My family

I have a wife and a daughter, neither of whom has agreed to be in this blog, and I protect their identities more than I do my own.