updated: October 2020

Name of the Blog

Originally, I chose the name “Stroke Survivor” deliberately, because I am, well, a stroke survivor. The original purpose of the blog was to maintain a diary of my recovery.

Over time, I have come to consider myself as recovered as I would ever be , and the content of the blog had morphed into a far wider range of writing. Therefore, in May 2020, I changed the name of the blog to Mister Bump. I felt this was a more abstract reference to the stroke, but still a reference.

My Anonymity

It’s not a big thing, but I’d prefer to be anonymous. I feel that, if I revealed my identity, then certain subjects would be off limits. I wouldn’t want to write something which my real-life friends/family might find offensive, for example. As it happens, I tend not to publish on those subjects anyway.

My Location

For the same reason, I guard my exact location. Also, I would rather not have irate bloggers turning up on my doorstep! For the purposes of this blog, a knowledge that my nearest city is Salisbury, U.K., will provide a good-enough where in the world context.

I describe my exact location (omitting the names) is a little more detail here.

My family

I have a wife and a grown-up child, neither of whom volunteered to be a part of this blog, and I protect their identities more than I protect my own.