Last reviewed: October 2021

General Information

A theoretical introduction to exactly what a stroke is can be found here, which is a link to the UK NHS’s werb site.

In everyday life, however, that article is totally irrelevant when actually inderstanding a stroke. Using UK numbers:

  • Strokes used to be a killer, but now 90% of people survive them.
  • However, of those survivors, 2/3 are left with some form of disability.
  • In the UK (pop about 70M), there are 100,000 strokes each year.
  • Also in the UK (pop about 70M), about 1.3M of those people are stroke survivors.

One typical disability associated with a stroke is called aphasia, which is a problem with some part of the communication process. It can often make people appear “locked in”.

Because such a high number of people aere left disabled following a stroke, the Disability Rights charity is often a good port of call.

How I was affected personally

This is quite a big topic and I have written several posts on the subject: