Not All It Seems

I got an email from WordPress overnight.

Black Friday Deal – 40% off a two-year plan.

I’m generally pretty satisfied with WordPress – there aren’t many other options! – so I thought I might take advantage of the offer. I couldn’t see a two-year option for my Personal Plan but I entered the code anyway. Invalid.

I contacted their Support people, and just had their response.

To take advantage of their generous offer, the two-year deal involved an upgrade to the Business Plan, way more than I need, at a grand total of about $300!

Beware the small print.


Credit where it’s due. After I complained, someone from WP got back to me. I can indeed use their offer on the Personal Plan. It cost £18 (haly the price of normal) to extend my subscription to Nov ’24.


  1. I have a business plan because I’ve been interested in opening an online shop. The support, and the instruction materials stink, but wait…there’s still more! they’ll set the shop up for you for a few thousand dollars. Nope.

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