Changed My Name

I’ve fully retired Stroke Survivor UK. I am now Mister Bump UK.

I kept the UK bit because I still want that to be something people see immediately.

You probably won’t notice any change on my posts, but you will on my comments on your posts. I think. Who knows?


  1. Changing your name should be classified as ‘extreme-sport’! I discovered this unknown Mr. Bump invading my listings before I received your notice and you were only seconds away from being deleted! πŸ™‚

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    • I changed the name of the blog a couple weeks ago, but just changed my (personal) name last night. I wanted to stagger the two. I kinda wanted to get away from my name being so “in your face”, just because my stroke doesn’t feel so “in your face” any more, but I won’t be changing anything again (voluntarily).


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