Colour change?

When I moved this blog over to WordPress, I noticed that a lot of the WordPress colorscheme was in shades of blue. So I deliberately picked one of their blues and made my banner and buttons acceordingly.

But it is not a colour I would have chosen myslf, if I were thinking about it from scratch. In fact, the very last version of my Blogger blog was themed around the colour you seee above, which I still like. Green is my favourite colour anyway, and I wanteed a kind-of midnight-greeen shade, nice and sombre so as not to offend anybody’s eyes! A nice high contrast with the page.

I was thinking of changing my scheme to this colour. What do you guys think? So far as I can tell, most people read my posts through the reader, so I’m hopeful most people won’t particularly care.

I think any of WordPress’s buttons and the calendar would continue to be the blue that you see today, because I don’t have control over them. The page background would continue to be the same off-white that you see today, and the page text the same dark grey colour (and font, and size). The things which would change are the border, the banner and any other of the badges I created, like the award-free one to the side.


  1. I love the idea of adding a little of green to your side. It will look well I think with the blue in the calendar and the blue of some buttons. I would change it and see if you like it. You can always change back.
    I tried to change the font of my blog but didn’t find anything that I liked. I guess I’m too accustomed too the ‘original’.

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    • Yes I had trouble finding something. I’ve never been happy with the size I see on my PC, but it does seem to look okay on a tablet. I tried several in the first few days I put everything live. I’m wary of customising it too much because there are all little things I need to worry about when I decide to change the theme next. Maybe something to do next week – it will look very minty 🙂

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      • I love minty things! If I could pick a car it would be in that color 🙂
        The fonts appearing different on different devices …. I find your font very easy to read. Are you going to change the whole theme? I thought just a splash of color.

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