Oh good, I’ve got a little time before I begin my charity work, so there is just time to update you about yesterday.

Yesterday was a productive day. Not only am I making progress on my application, but I also managed to contribute three WordPress posts during the course of the day.

Well, actually, I deserve extra points, because I wrote four. But the last one, I wrote as a page, not a post. I use pages very occasionally on my site, mainly for things like biographies. Consequently, I don’t write them often, and most of them date from the first few months of the blog.

But, you see, a strange thing happened last weekend. Somebody wrote something, and someone else then commented. But rather than debating the beef they had with the original contribution, they decided to criticise the person’s nationality instead. Something that’s never before happened, and something which I quite clearly consider to be racist.

So, not only did I kick that person off the blog, I decided yesterday to write a short page, which explicity tells users how I expect them to behave, if they want to contribute to my site. I won’t bore you with the link – it is up on the menu, if you’re really interested – but if you know me, you can probably guess what it says, word for word.

I can’t believe I felt compelled to write it. I mean, is this stuff not obvious? Is it not obvious what things are important, and what things mean nothing?* I can’t tell you just how fucked off I am to have to act as a policeman on what is supposed to be a sensible, grown-up blog site.

* rhetorical


  1. Well, Wally, welcome to the real world. Not exactly why I emigrated here from the first “writers’ site” I worked, but I understand perfectly. I do try to mind my p’s and q’s with extra care when I’m for example commenting on another’s site, and foolish me, do not understand why that isn’t but natural for others. Fact is, it’s not. Good for you, Sir Bump, but do mind your language; I’m no prude (goodness no!) but often expletives debase the message. Good for you in your policing efforts.

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      • Nah. That was in the context of the story and defined the character perfectly. We, you and I, and I can’t speak for other WordPressers, are civilized persons, our vocabularies larger for the composure allowed by time. I am having that tattooed on my wrist…

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  2. That is disappointing. Bloggers should know the guidelines. And in general…
    “God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth…hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth…” (See Acts 17:24-26) There’s only one “human race” and we’re all part of it, so we’d best not knock our neighbors.

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  3. Whoa! I guess I missed what happened. I usually don’t read other people’s comments, just make my own and be off. Unless it’s political then sometimes I chime in. I find replying to someone else’s comment is usually not in order so my reply doesn’t fit or make sense.??

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