Saving Graces

The last few days, several bloggers have mentioned the subject of Sponsored Posts. At first, I wondered what they were on about. Then, I happened to look at a blog in the Reader and saw, indeed, that the next post on the screen was by somebody I’d never heard of. In quite indistinguishable text, it said “sponsored post”. So I “got” what was happening.

I read posts almost exclusively through the notifications window. That little bell in the top-right of the screen. When somebody – free or not – posts something new, it tags a notification onto that list.

That list does not contain anything sponsored.

If you have a free plan, when you publish a post, a link to your post appears in my list. Just like it always did.

And, when I follow the link in my notification, it takes me straight to your post. None of this sponsored rubbish. I’d only see Sponsored Posts if I went to the front page of your blog and then manually navigated to your post. I am unlikely to use the site in that way.

Okay, this does mean that somebody could find your blog from a Google search, and would get all this Sponsored Post crap, but be honest – who is more likely to read your post? a passer-by, or me?


  1. I don’t really get this, but you know what I’m like with computers! Personally, I am quite happy for you and my other WP friends to read my posts. The passers by can do just that, pass by.

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  2. I am happy that you give time for my posts… really…
    My blog is neither sponsored nor monetized in whichever way, promise 😀 😀 😀
    It’s a free plan though, so sorry if WP forces ads on you…

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  3. Who is likely to read? Me. If subject matter is of interest, or seems so – technical, humorous, otherwise informative or amusing, I’ll take a chance. Married and practiced in the art, I can ignore distractions if need be. To a point. Life, it seems to me is “sponsored” with distractions – career, family obligation, life maintenance (eating, sleeping, and all) so I’m not ready to ignore a walk in the woods for pestering gnats, fleas, ticks and the likelihood of being caught in an unexpected rain. It remains your point is well made. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Do you receive sponsored post from my blog? I don’t know anything about that.
    In the alarm clock at the top I can only find likes and comments to my posts. No notifications about something else.
    My fellow bloggers’ posts are notificated via email. Can this be changed?
    Vicky 🙂

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    • They appear to have backed the change out, as I can no longer see sponsored posts on anybody’s site. My featured image for this post however was a screenshot from a post I saw this morning.


    • No, they inserted posts into someone’s blog feed. But I looked last night and they seem to have backed this out.
      I am still seeing the popup ads that I always saw, although my ad-blocker means they are mostly empty windows.


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