House Rules

Last Reviewed: April 2022

This site is aimed at a grown-up, mature audience and I would like everybody who visits and contributes to behave accordingly.

If somebody writes something, and you disagree, it would be great to know why. I welcome your point of view. The best thing for the blog is that a future reader can see the arguments laid out, side-by-side, and can draw their own conclusion.

But please, remain focussed on the issue. No personal criticism. That includesthings like their gender, nationality, race, religion, and especially their intelligence. If you feel they have presented a poor view, please explaining why, but restrict it to that.

I want people to feel that this is a safe place to express a view without being subjected to insults or name-calling. I will not allow readers to be bullied into silence, and if I see that happening, will moderate the blog as necessary.