Reblog: Oh, mercy……

I must admit, I almost pulled my SLS post yesterday, in favour of this one. It was nothing to do with the prompt, but I thought it was appropriate.

I kept it as it was in the end, but this is a blinding song/video, so I’ll share it now. I kinda figure that everybody that I interact with, everybody who reads my posts, everybody whose posts I read, we’re all decent people with decent values, so there is no point talking politics. Anything I could say, you’ve already thought it.

The thing that gets me about the situation over in the US is not this cop – he, and others like him, can hang for all I care, and good riddance. But are we being asked to believe that this guy had never before shown himself to be capable of killing? So it gets me about all the people who’ve turned a blind eye, who’ve let things slide, because this guy was presumably “one of us”.

You’ll know the song. I knew the song, from years ago, but I had never seen the images. Since I thought about re-presenting it for SLS, I did a bit of digging. First off, this song was written directly about the police’s brutality toward somebody – that’s why the lyrics fit so well. It was released in 1971 – fifty years ago! Marvin Gaye and his band were touring Berkerley, Ca, and one of the band members saw the incident. I guess he thought, being a musician, that his best avenue of expression was music, and the result is a collaboration between three band members. Thank heaven that Marvin was one of them.

Even if we don’t actually *do* anything, we’re doing something just by raising awareness of it. Enjoy Suze’s tune.

Author: Mister Bump UK

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