A Brief Interlude

I almost posted this guy the other day when the word of the day was lampoon. I loved this clip because Shirley Bassey just gives up trying to keep a straight face.

This is Freddie Starr – I don’t know if he ever went international so I’ll give a little backstory. In the early 1960s he was the (straight) lead singer of a Merseybeat group The Midnighters. Out of te same stable as the Beatles, The Midnighters toured the same Hamburg clubs and released three singles, but none of them charted.

By the late 1960s, Starr had reinvented himself as a comedy singer, and in my youth (80s) he appeared regularly of TV variety shows. One of his specialities was Adolf Hitler in Wellies. He only died a year ago. That he could get Shirley Bassey to make a fool of herself with him shows how highly he was regarded. Lastly, what a voice she has.

And here he is what happened when he met Muhammad Ali:

Lonely Hearts Club

I wrote a bit of fiction yesterday (it was fiction, honest!) which featured a woman who used an online dating agency. And made up an ensuing nightmare scenario for her…

It did make me think, and I got a couple of comments along these lines, but have any of us ever used them?

I’ll jump in. I met my wife in 1998, which I think was a bit young for dating sites, so consequently I never used them. But I was/am quite computer-savvy, and I certainly remember joining some chatrooms aimed at singles. I can’t remember who it was – it might have been Yahoo, and do any of you remember Compuserve? (same kind of thing as AoL, in fact I think the two merged in the end) But it was all very amateur. I never actually met anyone as a result of one of these boards, and never paid a dime’s subscription for any of it. I guess it was before people realised that they could make money from it.

But if I hadn’t have met my wife, I could probably have seen myself using something. I don’t have anything at all against these types of site and I think they’d have been a brilliant tool for meeting people. Of course, I’d have been worried about meeting the axe murderer but that’s true of any first date.

I was just wondering, does anyone else have any stories (horror or success) they feel like sharing?

Why not comment of, better still, write a post and ping it back to this post?

Yummy in my Tummy

Hot on the heels of my post the other day, my wife just got a notification through that our order this week will arrive this morning between 9-10AM.

You know what this means, don’t you?


Head Up Ass

I had an idea to find out about self-publishing. Total noob. Anybody got any good suggestions to learn more about the process?

I already discovered KDP and Amazon.


I was just gonna comment on this post but I thought it was worth sharing instead.

Do any of us really give a stuff about “growing our brand”?

By the way, if you do consider buying your own domain name, WordPress are bloody expensive. There are a zillion other internet companies who provide exactly the same service. You have to do a tiny bit of tweaking yourself, but they are much cheaper.

Can anyone tell me what this means? I don’t get it.

Hi there,

If you’re in search of ideas for growing your brand and driving more traffic to your site, I’m here today with a tip that has helped hundreds of thousands of site owners do just that.

You see, your site address (we call it a “domain name”) is the first thing visitors notice about your brand. And right now, your website address is blindwilderness.wordpress.com. That’s perfectly fine if you’re building this site for fun.

But if you’re building something more than a hobby site, I encourage you to claim a site address that doesn’t include “.wordpress.com”. Here are a few options we would suggest for your site:

With one of these addresses, you can make a more unique, lasting impression on your visitors and possibly rank higher in search results.

And the best thing is…

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