The Joy of Home Ownership

Last night at around midnight our freezer decided to go kaput.

Full of food. 2½ years old on a 2-year warranty. Liebherr.

I doubt I’ll have time to be around much until I get it sorted. Some posts are scheduled. Not many.


  1. Ours conked last year. Only about £60 worth of food in it. Very honestly, I only claimed for what was there. Home insurance company didn’t even want a photo because we hadn’t claimed for 10 years. Refunded within a week. I was very impressed until they tried to put up our premium by £100 for making a claim! I changed companies! 😂

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    • Yep, checked it this morning, still -18C (normal running temp). It seems clear now that it must have been user error. So now we are paranoid about keeping the door shut.

      Freezer was 3/4 full. Wife has had bright idea of running it down, but of course that counters our covid strategy of as few supermarket visits as possible. We have absolutely relied on the freezer through the pandemic.


  2. We’ve relied on ours also. I’m using stuff from the freezer now, but replacing like for like because even frozen, food has a best-before/shelf-life. Indefinitely frozen doesn’t mean it retains quality or texture. Your wife’s ‘bright idea’ is sound.

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    • Mostly, it’s her food. i also replace like for like, I’m predictable with foods so mostly it is turned around in 3-4 weeks.

      She buys big stocks of (special, grass-fed) meat which even arrives frozen, so she takes the greater risk.

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