Reblog: #UnfoldTheUniverse

Here’s a challenge for all you arty people.

You heard of the Hubble space telescope, right? Well, NASA are about to launch its successor and have also “launched” an art competition to go with it. Sanjeet has the details:

Science is our Home

Hello folks. 👋 With James Webb Space Telescope launch so close, NASA recently started an art challenge by the name of #UnfoldTheUniverse. With this challenge they called out to people to make drawings, paintings, music, videos or whatever people might like to and show them what will James Webb Space Telescope show us when it will #UnfoldTheUniverse.

Hundreds of people across the globe have already shared what they think Webb will unfold once launched. To find out how to participate, click the above mentioned link to know the simple procedure. And to take a look at the current accepted arts for the NASA Art Gallery click on this link.

My girlfriend also participated in this challenge and submitted her drawings. I would like to show you all this beautifully crafted design of Webb.

Webb Space Telescope, @asyouwish_7

To explain it a little bit, below in the image is the…

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