As you’ve no doubt noticed I like to use clipart in my limericks. I like to use an unreal, jokey graphic with what is an unreal, jokey rhyme.

Of course there is Pixabay, but it’s often limited. It irks me when I can pen a rhyme in five minutes, then spend an hour hunting for a suitable image.

Anyway if anybody is interested, yesterday I joined IMGBIN – they have a deal on at the moment of unlimited downloads for life, for, was it $30? Something like. About £25. Seemed worth taking a punt just to save myself time in the future. Early days but I’m impressed – the search tags seem good and though I only looked for three images so far, it was painless and the quality is decent. Including the one above.

I should stress that this is clipart rather than e.g. photos.


  1. Thee beest an photo-grapher of no small talents. We have seen your pics to be of superior quality. Stepping outside to snap a picture – posed, staged or au naturale as it were will provide you free and relevant imagery. Too boot, it gets you away from your keyboard – let those fingers relax!

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    • You, as an ex-IT bod will appreciate that we can waste many otherwise-happy hours farting around with the bells and whistles just to make something look pretty when what we should be building is function. In this case, content.
      I really can’t be bothered creating clipart, so this seems a small price to pay for “pretty”.
      Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know about their offer.

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