Going Places

I met my friend again for a coffee yesterday. The weather, as you can see, was cloudier and far more humid.

I can’t help being quite proud of myself, given that all those years ago, I left hospital in a chair, and my journey to the coffee shop and back is a 2½ mile (about 4km) walk. My legs feel like jelly today.

But the coffee cake made it all worthwhile.

That pathway on the left is the pathway across the meadows to the next village. It came about in 2000, after neglect of the waterways caused the village to flood every winter. So we eventually got flood defences, costing millions.

Mister Bump

I went out for my first post-lockdown coffee yesterday. We went to the coffee shop, a friend and I, in a nearby village. I had not seen the friend since pre-lockdown.

Outdoors. Apart from having 10 or 15 people within 10 or 15 yards of me (nobody too close, not even my buddy), I figured that the risk was no greater than having friends come sit in the garden. It was even better for me, because I didn’t have to go into the shop to order – my friend did so. Although I suppose if he picked something up in there, he’d likely have breathed it in my general direction afterwards. We didn’t wear masks – we are only mandated to wear them here when we go into a shop.

So we followed the UK’s rules. I’m not too sure, how closely the UK’s rules match the science, so I…

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  1. I should also have said that I was late for the coffee, because on the way there I bumped into people that I hadn’t seen since before lockdown. It is good to see that, at the very least, they have survived so far.


  2. We have to wear the mask at all times while outside our homes, whether in shops or just walking. Restaurants are not open yet though we can order takeaways. Good that you could go out for coffee… And walked two and a half miles! 🙂

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    • Gosh – I don’t think I could have done it wearing a mask, though. The only time we have to wear one is (essentially) in closed, public spaces – the first thing I noticed when I tried mine was that it steamed my glasses up. Those things severely restrict airflow!

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