TV Fayre

Oh, wow.

They are currently airing Mary Poppins on the BBC.

So I’m having a chilled evening watching “Fresh Prince” on ITV 🀣.


  1. Mary Poppins, yeah I remember that. Fresh Prince never watched it. Even back then Mary Poppins was not a
    favorite of mine, I liked Julie Andrews’s voice in Sound of Music but not the music of Mary Poppin. A bit too
    much, and I love musicals.

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    • Would you likle to know a secret? My favourite auntie took me to the cinema to see it, when I was about 5. It can’t have been newly-released, because the numbers don’t fit. It was a real old-fashioned cinema, had stalls and a circle, and because the perspective from each was different, for years I thought it was 2 cinemas!


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