Worn Panties

An array of women's panties (clipart)

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 14 March 2021, direction.

A real baudy one today, so please, skip me if you might be offended. I thought it was hilarious. I ran it by a friend who also thought it was funny, so I’m gonna run with it. I can get away with these every now and again, right?

Still here? You asked for it!

There once was a fellow called Fred,
Was so hunky, he made women spread,
But his secret affection,
Lay in other direction,
And he shacked up with Jason instead

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed large IT systems, interrupted by a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Now mix development of health-related software with voluntary work and writing. Married, with an estranged daughter.

16 thoughts on “Worn Panties”

    1. I was reluctant to let it go as-is, but when I tried to clean it up, it had the effect of watering it down some. I figured that as long as I gave fair warning, if people didn’t like it they could just pass by. I suspect most of us don’t care, once in a while.

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