Pushing Frontiers

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge(FOWC) of 31 October 2020, outlandish.

On Halloween, a brave desision,
Tattoist makes his first incision.
What prompted me to decorate?
Alas, I could no longer wait.

Appropriately, for the day,
A witch on broomstick, flaps away.
On her head she wears tall hat,
Behind her sits, of course, a cat.

The process starts. I tingle within,
The needle starts to tickle skin,
Tattooist waves his wand with verve,
As if to help me calm my nerses.

The tattoo done, this artist skilled,
I check my arm and sit there thrille.
Applies a bandage for protection,
“We have to guard against infection.”

Outside the shop, I’m thrilled inside,
I’m ten feet tall, I’m swelled with pride,
What fun I’ll have when to friends I’ll brandish,
My birthday present, so outlandish!

One of my friends posted on here about how, for their sixtieth(?) birthday, they got their very first tatoo. I smiled, but at the same time, I’m thinking “No, thanks.” Did you ever sleep with someone and, in the morning, look over at them and ///think “Oh my god, what have I done?” Well, that’s me and tattoos!

The Long Arm of the Law

In days of Anne, this desolate inn,
Is where our story shall begin.
High upon deserted moor,
Strange goings-on attract the law.

Dispatched one day to apprehend,
‘Twas there the sheriff met his end.
Shot stone dead by smuggling gang,
If news gets out, they’d surely hang.

Buried there, beneath the trees,
The restless lawman yearns for peace.
And rumour has that each full moon,
Our ghost returns to guard saloon.

Today we’re knowing brighter times,
The inn still stands, no hint of past crimes.
And still today, it offers beds,
Where weary tourists rest their heads.

He pulls them in, our aged ghost,
A history which the inn can boast.
An apparition most bizarre,
A shadow standing at the bar.

All hocus pocus, we all might think,
As thirsty patrons sip their drink.
But tell me, if you have your doubt,
What force just blew this candle out

Queen Anne reigned in the UK between 1707 and 1714. I was thinking along the lines of Jamaica Inn, high on Bodmin Moor and made famous by Daphne du Maurier, when I wrote this, although it could be anywhere. The High Corner Inn is near to me and would fit the bill nicely.

It Could Happen to Anyone

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge(FOWC) of 27 October 2020, utilize.

It’s like as though I’ve just been blinded,
How could I be so absent-minded?
My circumstances simply dire,
I didn’t mean to start the fire.

I saw the smoke, I made a call,
Soon Fire Service in the hall.
They utilized their three-inch hose,
They really are a bunch of pros.

When fire damped down, the chief comes in,
“Your tumble dryer made the sin!
A close call here, you’re in out debt”,
But now my kitchen’s soaking wet!


for Fandango’s One Word Challenge(FOWC) of 26 October 2020, merchandise.

The silky hair upon his head,
The flawless accent, better-bred.
Smart and dapper in his grey pinstripe suit,
For “class”, there is no substitute.

Each day before he goes to work,
Repolishes shoes and combs his hair.
He goes out looking very smart,
With what he does, must look the part.

For every day, he walks his beat,
Department store in town’s High Street,
Unwary shoppers he ties to entice,
With his alluring merchandise.

He’s not been doing so well of late,
His boss starts to inversigate,
“You have your targets, don’t you know?
Your sales record is just too low.

At quarter’s end, results are in,
The sales have been very thin,
I’m ‘fraid we’ll have to let you go,
No room for hangers-on, you know.

He leaves the shop for the last time,
No need for suit, no shoes to shine,
At fifty-eight, beyond transition,
When looking for a new position.

Nice things

Why? oh, why? oh, why?
Did God make cherry pie?
FGor, ever since my youth,
I’ve had the sweetest tooth.

All pastries are fair game,
I love ’em just the same,
And then there is ice cream,
Which gets in with this theme.

Is candy just for kids?
Which grown-up taste forbids?
But even though I’m grown,
I want some for my own.

And, did I mention cake?
Yes please, I will partake.
Cream tea is always in my dream,
With strawberry jam and clotted cream.

Of course I save the best for last,
This one is surely unsurpassed,
The ultimate for my sweet tooth,
Of course it’s chocolate, rich and smooth.

If you are wondering, I have a good imagination!