Yay, it is time for Paula’s Tuesday Story! Images today are:

That was it, the final piece of the jigsaw. He’d finally been able to buy up the old lighthouse, and at less than market value, too. Mere cookie crumbs. The former owner, Drew, had held out for so long, but that obstinate old fucker was now dead, and at the auction that very morning, Brad had finally been able to buy up the real estate on behalf of his client, Swindlers Inc.

Brad had already made some phone calls, intent on having the 200-year-old lighthouse demolished just as soon as possible. Once that was gone, the path was clear. Sure, they would encounter local opposition, but that could be bought off the way all opposition was bought off. They could then start work on the next phase of their project – their new, luxury apartment complex.

Feeling hungry today, he ordered a rare steak for his lunch, plus a bottle of finest Bordeaux. He silently raised his glass in a toast.

This had been a good day.


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