Progress (Revamped)

This was one of the first flashes I ever wrote, about this Gordon Gekko-like property developer. I came across it again this morning and rewrote as a hundred-word flash (I’m far better at editing now and it’s about half the size of the original). I’ve taken on a few hundreds recently – I’d almost forgotten that competitive feeling, where every single word is not only selected deliberately, but has to fight to be included. Like fastening a corset – little by little, it becomes tighter.

The cherry on the cake!

At last, Brad had his hands on the lighthouse. Below market, to boot! That obstinate old fucker held out, but thank fuck he couldn’t cheat death.

And at today’s auction, Brad finally landed his prize.

He’d already started the ball rolling. Demolish this 200-year-old eyesore ASAP. Then, the pathway was clear. There’d be opposition, but he could buy that off like all the others. Then work could begin on the next phase – the luxury apartment complex.

As his minute steak arrived, Brad raised his claret in a silent toast. This had been a good morning.

[100 words]


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