Arson Around

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 27 December 2020, gall.

The household insurance was due,
It was coming up time to renew,
To stay with these mothers,
Cost double the others,
So I told them just what they could do.

A very personal one today. The home insurance was up on 30th December. The current guys wanted £450 to renew. We just spent an hour shopping online and renewed – same cover – for £225.


  1. My home insurance doubled this year. I called the company to ask why and their lame explanation was that they hadn’t evaluated the cost of possible repairs in many years. I was furious. I called around and found the same coverage for less than I had been paying. They came out and took photos of my house and I was pleased with their social distancing. I had being penalized when I had no claims.

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    • I know. They trot out excuses like “unforeseen weather claims”, but I note they still make a profit each year. There was a story here at the start of covid about them refusing to pay out business contingency insurance – despite the policies including the word “pandemic”.


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