I just wanted to pass on a quick update on my eyes. They improved during yesterday, and I put most of my magnifications back to how they were before. It felt “harder” to read than it did before, but I know that’s not a very quantitative assessment. At least the Mag is back to before.

No noticeable improvement on that this morning.

So far today, I have caught up with the blog, and my wife and I sorted the home insurance out, which you’ll have read about earlier. I’ve done a litle development – just 5 minutes – mainly to make sure I can still use the environment okay. I can. It has also prompted me to look for how to increase some font sizes, which I found tiny anyway. So that task was always “to do”, I just brought it forward.

I plan on posting my normal Sunday today, my scheduled post was already written and will go live in an hour. This morning, I wrote (and published) my FOWC and wrote (but held back) a “who won the week” post to put live later.

I wanted to finish up by reposting a chap’s post. Larry Hoke has come onto my radar quite recently but we have had several good comment-conversations, and he seems to be a pretty stand-up guy. Funnily enough, I know quite a few Texans in the blogosphere and here is another.


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