It Could Happen to Anyone

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge(FOWC) of 27 October 2020, utilize.

It’s like as though I’ve just been blinded,
How could I be so absent-minded?
My circumstances simply dire,
I didn’t mean to start the fire.

I saw the smoke, I made a call,
Soon Fire Service in the hall.
They utilized their three-inch hose,
They really are a bunch of pros.

When fire damped down, the chief comes in,
“Your tumble dryer made the sin!
A close call here, you’re in out debt”,
But now my kitchen’s soaking wet!


    • When I started, it was gonna be about something dumb he’d done, but it kinda got lost with the tumble dryer.

      Thinking about it, I was actually in a house fire once. Started by my landlord, who stubbed his cigarette out into his ashtray (without quite stubbing it out), emptied the ashtray into his wastepaper basket, then went out. I should have written about that instead.

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    • Funny enough I was once in a housefire too, although the circumstances were completely different. This account was just made up for the sake of the poem. Let me read your piece…


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