for Fandango’s One Word Challenge(FOWC) of 26 October 2020, merchandise.

The silky hair upon his head,
The flawless accent, better-bred.
Smart and dapper in his grey pinstripe suit,
For “class”, there is no substitute.

Each day before he goes to work,
Repolishes shoes and combs his hair.
He goes out looking very smart,
With what he does, must look the part.

For every day, he walks his beat,
Department store in town’s High Street,
Unwary shoppers he ties to entice,
With his alluring merchandise.

He’s not been doing so well of late,
His boss starts to inversigate,
“You have your targets, don’t you know?
Your sales record is just too low.

At quarter’s end, results are in,
The sales have been very thin,
I’m ‘fraid we’ll have to let you go,
No room for hangers-on, you know.

He leaves the shop for the last time,
No need for suit, no shoes to shine,
At fifty-eight, beyond transition,
When looking for a new position.


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