Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #89, which asks us to conjure up a story based upon the following image:

It was coming up to Melissa’s fortieth anniversary. Her doting husband, the efficient Mark, had it all planned. Given Melissa’s recent all-clear following cancer surgery, it seemed appropriate to combine this celebration with her milestone event, and arrange a surprise party, with friends she had not seen for years. One former bridesmaid was even jetting in from her new home in Spain.

Confident that everything was under control, Mark’s one last task was to leave work early the day before the party, and collect the specially-made, extravagant, chocolate cake from the confectioners close to his office. Mark was elated – the cake stood three feet high, topped with an exquisite sculpture of Eros, where Mark and Melissa had first met. The cake safely collected, this was it. Remembering that they had once thought they would not see this day, Mark now thought that nothing was left to go wrong, and that this would be a party to remember, as he walked out of the shop and turned toward the Tube. The enormous cake obscuring his view, Mark did not see the uneven slab on the pavement and, catching it with his foot, the cake was sent flying as he lost his balance. What seemed like a lifetime later, Mark landed on the pavement, squarely on top of the now-ruined cake.

Seeing the incident right outside her café, the barista rushed outside to see if she could help. Many of her customers, who had seen the incident, just sniggered.

Desperately sad today, I’m sorry.


  1. As I was reading this I thought it was going to say that he walked out with the cake and saw her across the street with another man. Wow, I must be feeling negative today! Lol! Even though he dropped the cake your story is much more positive!

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  2. Oops. That’s a shame. But at least he’ll have a funny story to relate at the celebration. I hope he had the foresight to have taken a picture of the cake before the unfortunate incident.

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