All I Want for Christmas…

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 19 October 2020, scuttlebutt. It’s not really a word we use in the UK but here is my attempt, nonetheless.

Tell me, have you heard the goss?
She only went and shagged the boss!
Talk about a yearly raise,
But suddenly, he’s full of praise.

That christmas party, looking back,
Cocktail dress. alluring black,
That cheeky pout, that wicked smile,
She’s surely putting on the style.

Attack the task with greatest zeal,
That dress intended to reveal,
Treading lightly, as a thief,
Across the room, she spies the chief.

Gracefully in five-inch heels,
A gait that oozes sex appeal,
That delicately perfumed smell,
Her latest purchase, from Chanel.

She meets the boss, they’re seen to laugh,
Her golden tresses falling back,
She acts as though a blatant flirt,
But boss, of course, is not inert.

From this point they are ne’er apart,
A charming pair, and oh, so smart.
And as the music starts to flow,
They damce together, tight and slow.

The night is over, party ends,
Her attention has paid dividends,
Tripping lightly as a feather,
This newfound couple leave together.


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