The Scrapheap

The tired old factory falls into disuse,
“No longer appealing”, the muttered excuse.
The factory that once employed the whole town,
Had finally closed its doors and shut down.

“What’s gonna happen?”, “What will we do?”,
“It’s really a shame but you’ll find something new”.
“It’s only a job, at the end of the day”
The accountant says as he hurries away.

Past fifty, there’s not really much going on,
No time to retrain and all hope is forlorn,
Just finish your days with your cap in your hand,
That’s simply progress, no force can withstand.

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 4 September, 2020, excuse.


    • It’s funny, a few people have said that. I don’t know whether that’s just because we’re a kind community, or whether it is indeed the case. That’s why I asked yesterday, I was thinking maybe if I got to 100 poems that I thought were good, they might be worth putting on Kindle or something. The reality check came yesterday when I looked at how many poems I actually good, and it was just 3 or 4! So I’ve a way to go yet.
      I have to say, when I’m in the mood, it is really easy to write this stuff. But I guess the trick is getting into the mood.

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