A continuation of yesterday’s story

Shortly after 8pm, Paul awoke from his slumber to the sound of the X-Factor and to delicious smells coming from the kitchen. Opening his eyes, he saw Asha.

– Hello, sleepy.

– Oh, hi Asha. What’s this crap you’re watching?

Paul knew Asha just about well enough to tease her a little.

– This? Oh, god knows… There’s a film on in ten minutes, I’m just waiting for it.

It was true, she was already starting on a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. It’s funny how some people can eat whatever they like. Anna’s frame appeared from the kitchen.

– Mmm…that smells delicious, What you got cooking?

– I’m just cooking up some tofu with veggies and some oregano. Do you fancy that with some pasta in a tomato sauce?

– Wow…you sure know the way into a guy’s heart.

By the end of the meal, Paul at last felt more awake.

– Do you still want to go over to the Pinot Noir?

asked Anna. The Pinot Noir was a wine bar located just up Camden High Street and had become the pair’s favourite haunt since they had started seeing each other. Paul was still a little tired, but they had planned this before meeting up with Anna’s sister, so he did not want to back out now.

The mind was willing, but Paul’s forty-year-old body left a little to be desired. At the Pinot Noir, he just rested his eyes for a moment, then almost toppled from his stool. Looking at the Edifice watch upon his wrist, it was all of 10:30PM.

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 15 August 2020, edifice.

I had no idea until I started poking around for this prompt that Edifice is a brand of wrist watch. I’d never heard of it before, but Wikipedia says: Edifice are a brand of watches manufactured by the Japanese electronics company Casio. The Edifice watches are designed to attract buyers engaged in professional careers. The watches have multiple functions, ranging from multiple dials to world time and multiple alarms. And here is what one looks like. I imagine there must be many.

I’ve written a background to these characters, in the posts below.


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