What have we become?

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), ship.

I never really had a problem with online shopping, although it has always been rare for me to buy anything high-value online. I have used eBay quite a bit for low-value purchases. After every transaction, eBay allows both the buyer and seller to leave feedback on each other, and my record is about 1,000 positive, no negative experiences. Of course, as a buyer, you’re only ever judged on one thing – do you pay in a timely manner.

I think I was pretty much there anyway, but certainly, since I became disabled, I am far more frugal. Shopping holds absolutely no interest for me – I only even enter a shop if I have a specific purchase in mind. The disability benefit paid by the UK government is several tens of GBP each week, which is probably not far different in USD or EUR. The amount just about covers the mortgage, with very little left over, and I try not to dip into my savings if I can at all help it. As a result, I usually go months between online purchases, although when I do purchase something, it is most likely from eBay.

I’m happy that even in the current crisis, online deliveries still seem to be happening. Couriers are deliberately dropping things off without knocking, but as we are in all the time anyway, one of us usually sees the van pull up and brings the parcel in as soon as the guy has gone.

I am still doing my charity phone calls from home, in fact I am doing about twice as many as usual. Sometimes just courtesy calls – are you okay for groceries/meds? One oerson, I am even calling to remind them to take their meds! And last weekend, I decided to try and save some money on those calls by using my computer’s internet connection instead of a traditional telephone. I got it working, but I wasn’t happy with the sound quality. So I ordered a cheap headset, something wqhich will just plug into my USB port and act as headphones and a microphone. I guess, the sort of thing people must use in call centres. I am told that it has shipped, but it has not arrived yet. I’m hoping to be using it by the time I make next week’s calls.

The other thing, I needed a new sharps bin, into which to put my used insulin needles. I can get them through the doctors, but they are tiny and it is easier just to pay a few pounds and to source them privately – at least then, I can get a bin big enough to last several months. That item shipped immediately, and when it arrived today, it was the highlight of the day!

I really wouldn’t have written this post, except I saw Fandango’s prompt 🤣. I bet you had something better to do! But a final glimmer of hope – this song just came on The Simpsons. Do you remember it?

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems in finance, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing mainly health-related software from home, plus some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

5 thoughts on “What have we become?”

    1. I guess if it featured on The Simpsons it must have reached the US. He had a few hits here, a big #1. I had one of his albums on cassette, then got his “greatest hits” album a few years ago. I lived in London very briefly, not far from “Electric Avenue”.

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  1. Good song, I ‘knew’ it but never knew who sung it.
    I don’t shop that often online, now just for books, presents and lenses. It’s the same here, we get an email when the parcel will arrive and we usually hear/see the van. No door ringing and no forms to sign anymore.

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