Fandango’s Provocative Question (8 April 2020)

Wednesday. Fandango’s Provocative Question once again. This week he asks:

Are you the same person on your blog as you are in real life? Do you like yourself more in the virtual world than you do in the real world?

Okay, in short, yes, I am the same person.

It’s funny, though, because I can empathise with the guy in Fandango’s preamble. When I started doing my weekly phone calls to some seniors, I could not help but wonder: you’re talking to somebody every week. Surely there’ll come a time when there’s nothing left to talk about? After all, one of the reasons I can volunteer is because I’m not at work. I’m disabled, my mobility is restricted. So in terms of doing stuff, I have a lot less to talk about than I did a few years ago. And many of my clients are the same. Some are housebound (permanently), so do even less than me.

So I posed this question to the charity manager. Just invent something, they said. And it is true – we were only speaking on the end of the phone, so I could tell them whatever I want. What did you do last week? I ejected from my fighter jet at 30,000 feet, sailed down all that way in my parachute into shark-infested waters, then swan 10 miles to safety. Anything, whatever …

[As it is, my last week, I walked up the lane and went out to the supermarket!]

And actually, if I’d have wanted to invent a James Bond persona, what would be the harm? But I didn’t – I can just about scrape enough things together (usually) to hold a conversation for fifteen minutes or so.

But I can see what Fandango’s buddy was saying – there is scope when we blog to present ourselves as so much more than we actually are.

But, for all I say I don’t embellish myself, you guys only see what I want you to see of me. There’s a definite window there, and not everything is transparent. I doubt it is with any of us – we don’t share all the rows with our partner, say, or times when we acted like a complete idiot (my wife assures me that these two scenarios are one and the same 🙂). I know people on here who will write as part of a post that they can sometimes be a total asshole, and I think that surely, it can’t be true, because these people seem so nice. But then, it is true for me, so why would it not be true for them too?

The legal phrase springs to mind: the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Which of us could claim that this phrase describes what we blog?


  1. I anticipated that this would be how you’d respond, given the nature of your blog as the story of your stroke and how you have coped and learned to live with it and make the best of it.

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  2. I started my blog with the promise to myself to be true to me. Not to be perfect, not to be ‘too good’ and all that fluff. I write about what interests me. What I still do on my blog is to ‘hide’ a little behind theories and I do that too irl. So all is quite truthful. I don’t know if I show all of my ‘ugly’ sides on purpose but I don’t hide them either. When they come up, I’ll write them down. Interesting question and I agree that the ‘blog persona’ is a small peak into the lives we’re leading. I don’t know if I would read blogs who ‘overshare’, or show everything. I don’t like that as I don’t like reality tv or celebrity gossip. I am curious but not that curious!

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    • I did once think that the answer might be to start different blogs which focussed on different things, but even then there are still lots of thin gs in life that are just not interesting, or which portray us in a negative light. If you have time, go back to the source of the question and have a look at some of the other responses – pretty much everybody says “you get the real me in the blog” but hardly anybody says “but only the bits I want you to see”.

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      • That is so interesting to me. I wrote some posts about the online world and self-image when I started my blog. A lot of social media revolves about a self-image that you like to show. Like on Instagram, Facebook and to an extend of course on WP too.

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