What’s the Rub?

clipart image of a mortar and pestle

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 22 September 2022, petty.

An apprentice apotheker, Neil,
Made a tincture he promised would heal,
But instead, caused a scene,
People’s todgers turned green,
And his last words were “what’s the big deal?”

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt


  1. Apologies. WP continues to diddle erratically with my likes and comments. You know, basically, I like the site but its poor performance will ultimately make me find another site so I can be comfortable paying for performance and monetization. This post I “liked” yesterday and commented that it was (as usual) ribaldly funny and to boot made me consult a street dictionary to confirm I’d contextually deduced “todger.” Keep hammering away,, Bumper. If I don’t appear to be in the audience, it’s that I’m busy duking it out with WordPress.

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    • Oh yeah, I never realised that todger was a Brit thing but Fandango pointed that out, too. It’s a very jokey way of referring to it.
      I follow a few people who have looked at other blogging sites… but they are still here. I just backed out of critiquecircle.com – a peer review site than a blog – not at all my cup of tea but perhaps more to your taste? Also there is scribophile.com – but I halted even registering for that when I discovered that my DoB was a mandatory field. Someone’s DoB is their business.

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      • Inclined to agree on the DOB thing EXCEPT. the first site I ever contributed to was a smashingly good (writer-centric) site. Then, a (declared) kiddie site came down on its kiddies for cussing and such, so the kiddies pitched a hissy, quit en mass, and flooded the new site, bringing with them their lop-sided “fairness,” entitlements, and titter-tee-heee “you love me and I’ll love you” pubescent bullshit, ruined the site. When I quit the site, managers asked why. They agreed and said they were going to take age-control actions. They never did. I’m in MAJOR overhaul to front-and-center my fiction (250 shorts, novellas, a novel and more) but am not looking to WP as a host if I can find another. By the way, being an ADULT (of sorts) a slice of humor salted with vulgarity is okay by me. You do it well. And all considered, tastefully. SP

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        • I must admit, my counts are secondary (except for hundreds) but I do have a round of polishing every time, just aimed at reducing. Used to be I could get 20% saving, not so much now. But I have an attitude where people are giving me their time. Least I can do is use it efficiently. It’s had benefits when reading, too. I can spot a lazy sentence a mile off and I use it to determine whether to continue reading.
          I generally assume adult – I should put a graphic on my site, but… – just easier that way. But I like to be sufficiently vague that everyone sees things slightly differently. It gives me a buzz to get people thinking. I fell out with a guy once because he expected it to be served on a plate. Good luck to him.

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