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inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 9 September 2022, foist.

The old queen lay there, still as a log,
“Who’ll be next?”, they prepared for a slog,
But when faced with that choice,
Came an indolent voice,
“Let’s just settle instead for her sprog.”

The difference between a monarchy and a republic boils down simply to the ability of the citizens to choose their Head of State.

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    • Would you like to talk about the USA? We can spend hours doing so, if you wish.

      Look instead at Ireland, which has a well-functioning republic. Or Barbados, which not long ago specifically rejected a monarchy, and chose to be a republic. Of all the shitty implementations in the world of republics (in which I’d lump the USA). they still chose that path. Look at the modern nations.

      You know, to put it bluntly, do you not think people should be allowed to choose? Are they too stupid?


      • I read someone the other day saying it’s not the USA ‘republic’ that’s wrong but other reasons. I think we agree the concept of a republic is OK maybe how it’s managed can vary. There has been a push for a republic here for many years but people like the monarchy……

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        • Linking the USA to a republic holds about as much water as saying that communism is debunked because Russia was a dump.

          The fundamental concept of a republic is that every voice is equal. Leaders are elected. Their Electoral College makes a mockery of that.
          I think you’ll find that people liked the Queen. Not the monarchy. Two different things. Broadly, same thing here. People will cut Charles slack because of his mum , but if he proves to be an idiot…”


  1. I don’t get the monarchy. I find the idea of royalty intriguing but the monarchy is about as relevant to my life as horses and carts. Can you tell me what the monarch actually does? I gather he/she has almost no real power. Is that true? If it is, I genuinely don’t understand the system. We had a conversation today about how when our ex PM decided to sign himself privately on as minister for 5 different areas, the GG (our representative of the Queen) swore him in and didn’t tell anybody that it had been done. Given that kind of ongoing disrespect for the ideal of “democracy”, having the extra level on top of the PM seems pretty futile.

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    • It boils down to who you want as Head of State. Granted, a PM will run the show day-to-day, but the Head of State will get involved in ceremonial stuff.
      I agree that Heads of State don’t “do” much, but I suspect that having a Head of State adds some value, simply because most countries tend to have one. So they must have considered the question and decided there is value. Places like Ireland, say, a true 20th century invention, have a president who sits apart from the politicians. India, Pakistan etc.

      I think the only issue is, who that Head of State is. Do you pick the best person for the job, as I would? Or do you pick someone based on their parent?

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      • Hmmm. You could be right. I am tempted to question the idea that “it’s always done so there must be a reason” but not with much evidence. Only that I heard of a woman who always cut the bone end off her leg of lamb before she cooked it because her mother had always done it. When she finally questioned her mother on the reason for this practise, it turned out her mother’s oven was so tiny, a full leg of lamb wouldn’t fit. Now hopefully heads of state have been more carefully considered than leg of lamb bones but I honestly am not sure there’s any guarantee.

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        • Well, even as recently as 2021 Barbados created the office of president, so Barbadian MPs must have seen some value in having one.
          I mean, that would have to be a conscious decision, don’t you think? You’re talking I would think about a well-paid job, an expensive residence, funding them to travel around the world… That sounds like millions to me.
          You’d expect value for money from them, if you’re going to have to dig that money out of people’s taxes.

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          • Yeah. Millions. And with the royal family it’s not just one person. It’s a whole family! And our GG gets a large, pretty house right by the lake. But if they’re only there for ceremonial reasons I think they can go. That’s my opinion. But if somebody can enlighten to me as to their real value… what they offer their country… I am happy to reconsider. I mean old SCOMO – I can’t tell you of a single thing he did willingly for this country as PM and I think he should NOT receive his lifelong pension. That’ll add up to millions too. But he’ll get it despite being dishonest and there being a lot of evidence that he was pretty well aiming to be a dictator. He’ll get his pension. Doesn’t mean he’s worth it.


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