Me, Too

I wrote this apropos of nothing. I wanted to challenge myself to write something explicit, but using non-explicit words. So beware, from that, this piece is not only explicit but on an extremely disturbing subject. Buyer beware.

It comes in at about a 6-7 minute read.

How did I get myself into this?

There had been rumours, tittle-tattle. So-and-so knew such-and-such. So why my discomfort?

Cheesman – The Big Cheese – has flown in for the week from Head Office.

I should be grateful. To be noticed by the CEO, and so early on. I’ve hardly been here two minutes. So, when he asked me to bring this paperwork to his hotel room, it’s a compliment, right?

I hear heavy footsteps and the door opens.

“Ah, Nicola. Come on in. I’ve been expecting you.” He walks away into the room. He’s still quite a dish, in a fatherly sort of way. Put on weight, for sure. He’s greyed but there are still traces of dark. He’s aged well. I should imagine, thirty years ago, that he was irresistible.

Stepping inside, I knew he was in a suite, but… jeez! This place is bigger than our apartment, and that houses three!

“Take a seat”, he offers, beckoning to an exquisite chaise longue. “I’m just finishing getting ready. Coffee? Tea? The Earl Grey here is sublime.”

“Umm… yes, sir. Thank you… that would be lovely.”

I deposit the papers on an equally ornate writing desk, then perch. Instantly, a China cup and saucer appear. “I’ll be back out in a minute, then we can see about those papers.”

I turn my head slightly to watch him disappear into what is, presumably, the bedroom. So far, so good. He is the picture of manners. And he’s right – the tea is good. I happen to glance up and find… a mirror! From that strange angle, I check my appearance. Could have brushed my hair, I suppose, but this isn’t a first date. And Mike was right – this trouser suit does look smart.

I’m brought back to reality by a “click”, as his bedroom door closes and Cheesman reappears. He’s impressive – tailored trousers, Italian shoes, a crisp white shirt and… is that a Versace tie? And as he comes toward me, I smell him. Faintly. You know those expensive toiletries, where the fragrance lingers even after you’re out of the shower? The type of gel I wish Mike would use. The type I wish we could afford.

As he nears, it strains my neck to meet his face, so I concentrate on my drink.

“So, how’re you settling in at Laurel Piper?”

I can’t complain so far. But how much have I impressed them? “It’s going great, thanks. I’m really enjoying this new campaign. I just hope you guys like me.”

“Oh, don’t worry”, he soothes, “you’re doing just fine.”

I take some more tea.

“How is it?” He nods at the cup.

I swallow it quickly. “Mmm. Delicious. Every bit as good as you promised.”

He’s close by now. Only the arm of the chair separates us.

“You’ve probably noticed that Laurel Piper is not like other companies. Our shareholders love us. We’re a sure thing. We do well because we’re agile. We’re flexible. We trust our staff, and in return they will often go the extra mile for us.”

The pep talk. I want to appear engaged, so I set my cup down on a coffee table. I’m resuming my position when I hear the unmistakeable sound of his zip.

My head is at the same level as his crotch, I can’t help but stare. I can’t believe this. He’s taken himself out of his trousers.

What the…? Aghast, how am I supposed to react to that?

He breaks the ice for us.

“Are you prepared to go the extra mile, Nicola?”, before adding menacingly, “to get on?”

My first thought is to run, but I stop myself. If I run, there’ll be consequences. And I need this job. We already spent the raise, for Christ’s sake, to get Amy into her new school. So instead, I freeze.

He makes his wishes clear. Now just six inches from my mouth, and I smell him again, more clearly. Grapefruit? I close my eyes, force myself to think of last year’s vacation down by the border, where we found orchards of them.

I feel him against my lips.

“The Extra Mile, Nicola?”

I can think of no way out. I open my mouth slightly, enough to let him in. He starts pumping; grows harder. I can’t believe he trapped me. He’s hard now, although I’m absolutely passive; I can’t believe he’s getting off on this. He reads my thoughts.

“Work it, Nicola. Use your tongue.”

It couldn’t be more different than with my husband, yet somehow, he’s enjoying this just as much. But when I first taste him, I can take no more. I remove my mouth. Looking up, he’s surprised I’ve stopped. He thinks I wanted this. He takes my hand and places it on him, a gooey mess.

I need this job.

But it’s clear he wants to finish. “Work it, honey. Make it good”, he grunts as he thrusts into my hand.

The least of all the evils, I begin to handle him. It’s over in minutes. Then, a dismissal with a curt, “Bathroom’s through there. Clean yourself up.”

In the bathroom, I make myself presentable. As best I can, I use a tissue to wipe him from my jacket,

Back out in the main room, he is examining the papers I brought. “I’ll need to study these before I sign them. Come back for them at five thirty.”

And, with that, I am banished. I tiptoe through the hotel, my face so red, everybody must know what I just did.

Outside, it is easy enough to hail a cab. Mike will be at work now, Amy at school, so it is safe to return home.

“1454 Rector”, I command. My voice sticks, my eyes well with tears. Most of all, I need to change.

Finally alone, I throw my clothes into the trash. They’ll need to be replaced. Then a long shower. I call in sick. I can’t face that place again today and Lance will  fill in for me this afternoon. In my gown, I open the laptop and begin searching the job boards.


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