Party Politics

clipart of a smart man, waving

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 16 May 2022, rabid.

For the minister’s parties unending,
You will still find some people defending,
For their actions so crass,
Need a kick up the ass,
But blind faith is defined as unbending.

I think of this as rabid. A person’s unwavering support for one political party.

To the point where that support outweighs that person’s objectivity.

I see it sometimes on WP. While politics interests me, if I hear propaganda, I turn off.

I don’t think any political party is 100% correct. One party has the right idea about one thing, another party the right idea about something else. There are no absolutes – anybody who thinks for themselves doesn’t always agree with everything.That’s one of the reasons I’ve never been affiliated to any one political party for any length of time.

A particular turn-off is when individuals misbehave. I’m not referring specifically to Boris Johnson here, this has been going on for generations, although Johnson is certainly included. Where somebody does (or says) something dumb, deserves a proverbial kick up the ass, but because they are on the same team, they are beyond reproach. Rather than people being objective, their first instinct is to protect their own.


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