Trouble Brewing

Clipart of an angry school mistress

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 11 April 2022, calm.

I forgot my wife’s birthday auspitious,
So invented a story ficticious,
Though my tale was absurd,
She did not say a word,
Can you blame me for being suspicious?

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt


  1. Tsk, tsk. Think you are the first person to forget it? I just hope she doesn’t look like the lady above because
    I can see why you’d forget or at least, like too.

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      • We celebrated our wedding anniversary on the wrong date for 24-years. We had to produce a marriage certificate for a visa application, and made the discovery 😂😂

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        • On my personal web site I have a bit of code which says “married for x years”, which is generated automatically. The number of times I have had to look at that piece of code…

          Last year we were coming out of covid, it felt safe again, so we went for our first McDonalds since covid started.

          This year, she forgot. I didn’t, but I wanted to see if she’d remember.


          • McDonalds is quite a fall off the veggie plinth. Ours is in February; we put on a hat and coat, fired up the barbecue and did a steak. Neither of us were ready to sit in a crowded restaurant sans social distancing. I’m still not at ease without social distancing to be honest.

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            • I will eat meat occasionally. Actually McDonalds is rarer. I think on that occasion we might have gone through the drive-thru and sat in the car park.

              But I think there is a pepperoni pizza in the freezer, if I’m tempted, although tonight is some vegan sausages.


                • Yeah they are good to diss but we get there maybe every six months.
                  I quite like the wrap things they do. They are mostly chicken but they boast a vegan one. But if you’re going to even set foot in McDonalds, there’s no point being vegan. Funnily enough their coffee is decent, too.


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