A Healthy Wallet

Clipart image of a doctor (female)

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 3 April 2022, pulse.

When my father collapsed, he was floored,
Once in ER, they thought they could cure,
But before they began,
A doc uttered, deadpan,
Said, “I’m sorry, but are you insured?”

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt


      • You say that, but I distinctly remember, a few days after I was admitted after my stroke, a nurse saying words to the effect. “Don’t worry, your National Insurance was fine”. National Insurance is what we pay here, a kind-of tax, which pays for health treatment.
        So the bottom line is that the hospital obviously had a bean counter, somewhere, who checked. Just as they might with insurance.
        If they had found a problem, I have no doubt that they would have treated me, but they would have charged me afterwards. I was in for five weeks, probably cost the taxpayer £50k-ish / $65k (a guess – they don’t release numbers)

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        • I thought one of the benefits of socialized medicine is a national insurance system like in UK and Scandinavia. In the US Trump tried to destroy nationalized healthcare. There definitely is security in knowing if you have a major health issue like a stroke and are hospitalized for a period of time you won’t go bankrupt when you get out of the hospital

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              • Mrs Bump used to work in a walkin centre. Kinda an er but without the hospital facilities to back it up. She saw a lot there. Used to be common for Indians to visit family here just to receive treatment. That was what we were told, anyhow. But politicians come out with this, people fear Indians. It bred a culture. We arrogantly believe that our health services are the best in the world, and that people want a part of that.


  1. So sad, my husband’s trying to get a procedure done at the moment, but no one will assist cos we don’t have insurance. We told them we’d pay in advance, but their not even interested 😡

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