Reblog: Music Clip of the Day, Wednesday, March 30th

I thought this was an interesting post.

I try to remember, two or three times a week, to log on to the other blog I am involved with, Songshine Sounds, and catch up on the blog’s notifications.

The other day, I caught the post below. I thought about reposting it on Songshine, but we keep that blog music-only. Mister Bump has no such boundaries.

You know, you can argue about how effective these things are, just a band in a warm, cosy studio someplace. But these bands have an audience, and every time they hear this song in the future, that audience will focus on the issue of Ukraine.

It might well be that Putin effects regime change in Ukraine, although to be honest we are far more likely to see regime change in Russia, when Putin’s generals get fed up of its army being humiliated. But videos like this will ensure that people remember what Russia did, long after its tanks have crawled back to Moscow.

Joe Strummer will be a proud man today.

music clip of the day

sounds of Ukraine

Beton, “Kyiv Calling” (after The Clash, “London Calling”), published 3/20/22



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other day, Oak Park, Ill.

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