Befuddled Again

Clipart image of an old man with a cane

Then old Grandpa, witholding a smirk,
Shouted missus, still out in the murk,
She rushed in, and intoned,
Why he hadn’t just phoned,
“I’ll be damned if I know how they work”.

This limerick may not make much sense on its own, but is the latest in a series. The others may be found here.


      • My neighbour is off to the Bahamas today. She doesn’t have a “smart phone” for displaying her NHS Covid jab certificates. It’s causing her no end of trouble. She’s 40-years old. Total Luddite. Extraordinary.

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            • Their agenda for a while has just been to take it on the chin. It was a pita when I went to France last summer and had to find a test over there who would deliver the results so I could catch the ferry home.

              But… numbers are higher even now than they were then.


                • Don’t get me started Misk. They should have recognised that covid, in one form or another, was a permanent fixture and put every effort into making sure it was a non-fatal disease. I think every government failed.
                  Vaccines make it less fatal but there is further to go.


                  • I wish they were giving springtime jabs. I’m a few years short of the 4th jab for 75+ mark. I had my booster in October, so I’ll be vulnerable soon with no protection.

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