Gender Inequality

Clipart image of a fridge/freezer

For a while there, the prospects were grave,
It was surely a very close shave,
We were just in the nick,
Found “reset” did the trick,
And thank goodness the pizzas got saved.

Okay, so following on from my earlier post, it looks like everything is okay.

Most likely, the door was left slightly ajar. It’s a common complaint with this model, that the doors do not secure well.

As the temperature rose, the unit alarmed, four times last night. I slept through three of them, but Mrs Bump wasted no time telling me what a disturbed night she’d had.

For poor old Mrs Bump got up four times.

Each time, she silenced the alarm, but did not investigate why the alarm had sounded in the first place.

So the temperature kept rising. And the freezer kept alarming. And sooner or later, I guess the motor decided it had had enough. Which is why the reset got it going again. With the door now closed, the freezer cooled.

At that point, I’d better stop. I’m not really past the “air turning blue” stage yet. I put it down to a man/woman thing.

I can’t blame her too much, I suppose, because it was probably me who left the door open in the first place. But that’s why I chose a unit that alarmed…

Fortunately all the food was saved, it was not left long enough to defrost. It’s just that this factory reset took an hour, then allowing the freezer to get back down to its operating temperature (-20C, I think it came to -4F), took several more.

A morning wasted.


  1. I had a small upright on the back porch when grandkids were small to keep extra bread ice cream popsicles meat etc. Out of sight really until I walked by to find it ajar. Popsicles are the worst to clean up😂

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