Parental Advice

Clipart image of a rabbit.

My dad took me aside and said “Sonny,
You should write about cute, fluffy bunnies,
With your crass innuendos,
And hollow crescendos.”
Just a pity that rabbits ain’t funny!


  1. Rabbits are indeed funny. Well, peculiar. Which the likes of Bumper and Hobbs craftily massage with humor to prose. For instance, rabbits determined ruminants’ habit of belching-up (regurgitating) food to be re-chewed gross, so they devised a different way to maximize nutrient intake. (Look that one up. Brings new meaning to the slur, “eat shit.”) If you can’t humorize that, I’m the tooth faerie. Slick’n, sir. (Slick – neat, cool, clever, etc)

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