You’re a Winner!

A rosette with the name "arse" imprinted.

Has anybody else noticed? Awards used to be ten-a-penny, now they are nowhere to be seen.

Or maybe you all still get them, it’s just that everyone thinks my blog is rubbish?

So, I’m giving serious thought to resurrecting my own award, the, er… oh bugger, I’ve forgotten. Hang on a minute, while I look it up.

Ah, yes, the Award for Really Superlative Efforts. The ARSE. Because we all know, it’s the effort that counts. Especially first-thing in the morning.

So, if anyone would like a piece of my ARSE in 2222, if you’d like to get your hands on it, even kiss it, stay tuned!


  1. If you weren’t so damned spot-on with your cynicism, you’d not be funny. But you are and you are. As to the “ARSE,” Imma pass. Got me one HOBBO and immediately thereafter retired.

    Your work, by the way, not rubbish. That’s all Imma say, lest I be accused of kissing ass or some other sycophantastic skullduggery.

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  2. hate to tell you but chances are none of us will be alive in 2222 to vote for your arse or anything else. Think that is a typo extraordinaire, however, I shall put my vote in for you anytime. your humor puts me in a good mood 🙂 maybe that isn’t good and says how sick my taste is too. ?

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