Cutting the Chord

clipart of a tiger and a guitar

I’ve been a little concerned that people have been taking my limericks too seriously lately. Please stop!

A dolphin puffed deep on his spliff,
When a tiger approached for a sniff,
Who bemoaned lack of spots,
So they drew on some dots,
Then they jammed an incredible riff.

Oh gosh, it seems none of you poor people know what a spliff is!


  1. Michele had no idea what it was either. Never wanted to. (boring?) lol That one made me laugh, now how, pray tell, can you take a Limerick seriously? especially one like that.

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    • oh, I don’t know. The one yesterday was pretty serious. But you can dress them up in humour. That’s what’s brilliant about writing fiction, too. If you’re minded, there are a million different ways of delivering a particular payload.


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