Clipart showing a pair of best friends

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 13 October 2021, fissure.

Between two best friends, conflict arose,
When they loved the same girl, came to blows
In a fissure protracted,
The smaller boy acted.
When he punched his mate square on the no

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt


    • fall out with a mate over a girl? No way! Well, maybe back then 🤣

      But seriously, it’s weird how back when I was in my teens, I’d just drop my mates like a stone when I met some new girlfriend. And it wasn’t just me – we all did! But as I got older, no. Friends are permanent, partners come and go.

      That “permanence” has value, now (well, probably since my 20s). Certainly at my age now, I think in terms of “forever”.

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      • I agree friends are forever. I just think my definition of a friend differs from others. To me friends are loyal and honest with each other and it’s two way.Maybe that is unrealistic but that’s what I need in a friend and I give to my friends

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        • I think a friend could be your bestest buddy, a person you share everything with, but could equally be the guy who lives across the street, that you say Hi to every day. Just the word “friend”, it’s impossible to know whereabouts on the scale somebody sits. I often refer to people I know on here as friends, but it’s mainly just for brevity. It’s a different league from, say, people I’ve known irl for years.

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          • I guess for some it’s a level based like casual vs known for years. The death of my friendship was hard for me because I thought it was two way and I had known her for three years well I thought I did
            To be honest it makes me even more leery of connecting w people because I doubt my own judgment if that makes sense 😳

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            • Perfect sense. On the one hand, people rush in, and get burned. My daughter was always a bit like that. But on the other, you don’t build any friendships, because the personal might screw you over. Neither sounds ideal to me. So yes, l think these calls are judgement calls, but I guess if you don’t trust your judgement, all you can do is go sufficiently slowly that you begin to trust your judgement on the way.

              A few years ago my best friend, going back to college days, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I thought it might give us something in common, seeing as I’d had the stroke n’all, but he just became more distant. But what can you do? I made it known that I was here, a couple times, but I can’t force the guy to be my friend. We lost touch, which I regret, but I don’t know what more I could have done.

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              • I’m a bit in the middle if I’m being totally honest. I’ve clicked with people instantly then something happens or it fades over time
                Then I have some people that I chat with daily and they feel like family to me. But trusting your judgment see that’s the tricky part because in this case I did and now I’m peeling the knife out of my back
                I’m so sorry about your best friend w Parkinson’s that’s a rough spot you’re damned if you do and fanned if you don’t

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                • Yup it must be difficult with anything degenerative. For all that I went through, I knew that it would improve over time. One of the reasons for starting the blog was being able to record progress.

                  But this guy was a case where I just had to say meh. I mean, a pity, but meh. I find most people are like that. You know, it’s good to have them around but not the end of the world if they’re not. WP is a good example, there’s lots of people who seem really nice on here, but I don’t really know them, in the same way I’d know a f… oh shit, I almost said it 🤣

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                  • I can understand to an extent if he was pushing you away or if he was being toxic to you but if you two had been best mates for a long time there was a thread holding you guys together
                    I’m not judging here to be clear I’m just trying to figure out what happened with me so I don’t repeat the same mistake again

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                    • I could kinda understand the pushing away. Because I did it myself after the stroke. But with this guy, all I could really say was that Parkinson’s didn’t matter to me. As far as I was concerned, nothing had changed. I suspect it mattered to him, though. And people grow apart, it’s almost like we are in these different orbits and every now and again, they align. But not necessarily permanently. With some people, it’s permanent, but really very few.

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                    • That’s a good analogy about orbits
                      And yes people grow apart. I guess for myself I just don’t want being honest to end up shaming me but then as my coworker told me today real friends will respect your honesty and care enough to make it work

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