Café Excursion

in response to Misky’s twiglet, I thought I’d talk about my own café experience last week.

Must admit, with my post-COVID lifestyle,
I stay home mainly, day after day,
But there’s one thing to which I look forward,
Meet my mate at the local café.

When we meet up it’s always mid-morning,
And elevenses high on the card,
As we ordered our fayre at the counter,
Then adjourned to the café’s back yard.

Just one thing on menu took fancy,
Bacon sandwich, brown bread, and brown sauce,
I returned to the seat with large latte,
And the sarnie arrived in due course.

The chatter then dried down to nothing,
Looking forward to impending feast,
When we caught that initial aroma,
As our hunger pangs were slow released.

I gleefully sample my first bite,
I’m enjoying its rich, fruity taste,
The bacon, not greasy nor crispy,
A flavour we mustn’t let waste.

The sandwich and dregs were both gone,
Contented I sit and revert,
Returning to café, more coffee,
I’m wondering what’s for dessert.

I have this kind-of bipolar thing going on with meat. I’m about 90% vegetarian but enjoy my 10% meat. I’m not ideologically opposed to eating meat, and I take my stance from an environmental perspective. Put simply, it takes far fewer resources to grow a plant than it does to grow a cow. So, my aim is to cut down, but not to eliminate. I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t cut it out completely.

Examples where I will eat meat include (i) pepperoni pizza (I eat pizza maybe once a week), (ii) chorizo pieces, mixed with vegetables into my rice (rice is my staple food), and (iii) of course, a bacon sandwich when I go out, maybe once a fortnight. We’re lucky to be rural, and smaller shops tend to buy straight from local farmers, whose quality is good. Conversely, supermarket bacon seems to be 90% water. For that reason, we skip bacon at home.

That might be the same as any one of you. You’ll take conscious decisions to include or exclude certain things from your diet.

Off topic a little, but while I’m on the subject of food… I have another thing going on, which I think is stroke-related. As in, it’s something that wasn’t there before, but is since. I call it the “faff” effect.

Where before, I was happy to be in the kitchen, to cook things, everything now just seems too much faff. When I first came out of hospital, I lived on microwave meals! And the last baking I attempted, I gave up while I was still measuring flour.

Perhaps laziness, but it feels more like “can’t” than “can’t be bothered”. Because I know a few years ago, I could be bothered.

As a result, mealtimes tend to err on the side of bland.

You won’t be surprised to learn that I’m happy to eat fish, as long as it is sustainable. Though it’s often difficult to find out.


  1. I sat in a cafe once (pre-covid), listening and watching people around me, and I collected enough source material for a month’s worth of posts. It’s like a human zoo. We’ve cut our meat consumption by half, but I still can’t stomach these faux burgers or mince. Regarding the faff effect, perhaps you have a different perspective now on what’s worth the effort and what’s not, because it does require more effort now.

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  2. We have almost the same diet, I’ve been a pescatarian for the last 5-6 years, and recently allowed myself sausage in a pasta dish, then pepperoni on a pizza, now it’s about once a week I have a little meat! It felt naughty at first, but I am getting over it! 😉

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    • Oh, it is a shame you are not closer. Mrs Bump eats a diet that is deliberately heavy on the meat – she buys special, grass-fed meat, delivered straight from the farm, so generally, we both end up cooking for one. It was a lot easier when we both used to eat the same. Food here is definitely packaged for pairs or more. Not singles.

      Funnily enough when I lived in the US in the 90s I started full-on vege, but had to reintroduce meat simply because it was so difficult to eat vege there. But, it was difficult to be vege here, too, at that time. I once asked a restaurant what they had that wes vege and after a pause, the guy answered “the green salad”. That was in DC. Yuk.


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