Unfinished Business

My fearless hunter,
Cloaked in black,
The darkness is his friend,
His stealth approach,
His lightning pounce,
A creature meets its end.

At last fatigued,
He creeps indoor,
He lays down by my side,
He sweetly hums,
His well-earned rest,
And, now and then, a sigh.

The morning grey,
I leave him be,
But potter round the house,
Met in the lounge,
That awful smell,
A decomposing mouse.

He does this! The little B****!

I’m talking about my cat, Reuben, of course. He loves catching mice. Many mornings, we get up and there is some present left for us in the hallway, which we need to dispose of before anything else. If we’re lucky, it’s whole. If we’re unlucky, it’s autumn or winter, it’s dark, and we discover the victim when we stand on it.

But every now and again, he brings a rodent in. Though invariably injured, it’s not quite dead. And, as Reuben loses interest, it manages to scurry away to “safety”.

Invariably, under some furniture.

Where, also invariably, it dies from a combination of injuries and starvation.

And then starts to decompose.

And then starts to smell.

Anybody who ever had a cat live with them, you know what I mean. Anybody else, it is awful, it makes you wretch, and is unmistakeable.

So, guess what I’ve just been doing?

Yes, Mrs Bump is away for the weekend, is not yet home, so I have just been pulling out furniture – one-handed! – to try to discover the last resting place of the mouse I have been smelling all weekend.

I found two mice corpses.

But, do you know the worst thing? Neither of the two smelled particularly disgusting when I sniffed them (although my sense of smell is atrocious), so I’ve a feeling that there might be a third rodent that I will need to go hunting for later! That area of the lounge still smells disgusting, but I guess even if I did get rid of the source, it would take some time for the smell to dissipate. So, I might well be repeating this post tomorrow.


  1. Our cat is an indoors cat so, unless we get a rodent infestation inside the house (probably unlikely with his presence) he doesn’t get the opportunity to deliver such pungent gifts. Do you find having chooks increases the rodent population in your garden? I think the mice like to share the chook food.

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  2. Oh, I can relate, my kitty often brings me her “trophies” and like yours, they are not always done and I find them later in a decomposed state, not my favorite thing. I hope you find the source of the stench soon! 😸

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    • I might have. I’m now 24 hours after that original post and today I can’t smell anything.

      The worst thing about cats is that they catch other animals, this makes it double-uggh. It’s not as if I can even catch them and return them outside.

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