Reblog: Where Were You Tuesday #7

Anybody fancy sharing what they get up to in the tub?

Songshine Sounds

Now that live music resumed across the globe, I thought I’d mix things up a bit by presentingWhere Were You Tuesdays?Each Tuesday, I will present a memory, and song I associate with this memory then ask you to share your musical memory as well.

One of my happy places is in the tub. Whether I take a shower or bath, I always enjoy listening to great music while I refresh and unwind. Sometimes I read (if I have a book I can’t put down), and sometimes I write (if I have a story I can’t stop working on), but most times I have a playlist and I go to my happy place.

So this week, I’m asking you to share a song you enjoy listening to in the tub. A soaking song or a scrubbing tune, whichever you prefer.

This tune can get you going or mellow…

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