On the music blog I share, Songshine Sounds, my co-host KK challenged us to share what music we listen to in the tub.

I’ll be straight-out boring and say I don’t listen to anything while showering. And probably 6/7 days I douche, although I have no set rule and I tend to take more baths in colder weather.

I sometimes listen to music. But I put a Google Speaker into the bathroom (we’ve now got 5 speakers in a 6-room house) which is connected to my Spotify account. So, basically, anything.

For example, last bath, it was a Liverpool band I loved from my youth, called China Crisis.

But I thought I’d share a song today from my toddler daughter’s bathtime. You know, from the days when she was so young, she didn’t object to sharing splashtime with her dad.

Fortunately, she never asked about the lyrics!

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